This products installs as a printer driver on Windows, and grab every report sent to it, whether it's from Unix or otherwise. Based on token passed along with the job, and/or the printer name used, it then adds a form over the text printed to print a final document as if it had been printed using a preprinted form.

At the same time, this product reports the printout in a database, with information to do searches and reprint / fax / email the documents at a later date, upon request.


This products acts as the link between a client's system and it's clients/suppliers. It takes care of all data management tasks, storing / editing / printing / recordind of many EDI document, and push / pull the information to / from the connected company management software (Phase 1 will integrate with Varnet).

At the same time, the same database will be used as a repository for transactions entered by clients from the Web, using Webspeed.


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